Our mission is to expand technology access and improve computer literacy in the community by providing free computer centers staffed by experienced technical professionals.



“Access to computers and the internet has become a basic need for education in our society.”  -Kent Conrad, Former US Senator

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Our Programs

Goleta Valley Tech Center

Providing free computer access and Wi-Fi to the community.


M - F 2PM - 6:30PM

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Digital and Language Literacy Program

Providing introductory computer and language literacy instruction and support.

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Did you know only 68% of Southern Californians have access to $60 or less monthly wire broadband plans? 
Equalitech is proud to have been included by BroadbandNow in a recent white paper that does a deep dive of Southern California and maps the digital divide where wire wired broadband is available and affordable. Equalitech is listed as one of six other organizations working to reduce the digital divide.