Digital & Language Literacy Program

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It all started when…

…Dawer discovered that he was spending most of his time teaching.

We opened the Goleta Valley Tech Center believing that Old Town Goleta residents needed access to a free public computer lab. What we learned was that in addition, many of our patrons also needed help learning how to navigate an increasingly digital world. Many were too shy or embarrassed to ask friends or family for help. Many didn’t know where to start. This, plus a grant from the Santa Barbara City College Adult Education Block Grant Program and a partnership with the United Way allowed us to start the Digital and Language Literacy Program (DLLP). The DLLP is a 6 unit, self-paced course, designed to introduce absolute beginners to technology as well as strengthen their English language skills. For the language curriculum, we started using Lexia, a popular language development program used by Goleta Union School District but soon learned how challenging Lexia could be without a language foundation. To resolve this, we invited the SBCC ESL program to offer a class at our facility on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Students enrolled in DLLP have access to unlimited one-on-one support at either Goleta Valley Tech Center, or one of our three community access points.


  1. Getting Comfortable with a Computer

  2. Staying in Touch

  3. Life Skills in the Digital Age

  4. Workforce Readiness

  5. Language Practice / Educational Development

  6. Cool Tools

Goleta Valley Tech Center Mon - Fri, 2pm - 6:30pm
Casas De Los Carneros Tues, Thurs 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Isla Vista Community Center Wednesday, 9:30am - 11am
Immigrant Hope Monday, 7:30pm-9pm

Access Points