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Summer Camp

Prodigygame (a math fantasy game) with problems that target the student's individual level and focus

Typing.com- Students will take a typing test and work keys based on the results of the test. 

Code.org- students may work on coding skills geared to their interests and abilities.

Besides these activities, students may build and create with Minecraft Edu. They can work on video projects using iPads provided at the Tech Center or with their own devices. They can also experience educational VR (virtual reality) with Google Cardboard viewers using iPhones provided by the program or their own mobile devices.  They can use their Lexia Core 5 accounts for work on reading skills. 

Students may use their goletausd.org accounts for research activities or research skill lessons, as well as docs, slideshows, sheets, maps, drawings, etc.

The program is completely free. 

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